July 4, 2017

July 1 & 2, 2017
Truths from Nehemiah to Build Our Lives On

Nehemiah is a favorite Old Testament book.  In Nehemiah, we find wonderful leadership lessons, for Nehemiah was an excellent leader. It is also an excellent study on revival for a discouraged congregation as they committed their lives to a mighty task, embraced God’s Word anew, and learned to care for one another.  But perhaps the greatest lesson is how God rebuilds and restores broken lives. Brokenness is all around us. Even God’s people are not immune to discouragement, especially if we have drifted from the Lord.  Nehemiah reminds us of God’s promises to restore and rebuild our lives as we respond to his promises, trusting in Him day by day. We may "find opportunity" in Nehemiah - opportunities to respond in humility to God’s promises, opportunities to say “yes” to God’s calling, opportunities to serve God with renewed devotion.  This 10-week study begins this weekend in Chapter 1 with the story of The Man Who Wept.   

-Pastor John

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